Two places of my life..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The place where I completed my graduation

The place where I'm working currently..

Both of these snaps might appear same to you. But there is some difference. Above snap is of MIT, Pune campus. And the second one is of their Latur campus.. :-)

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Thought for the day

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Many of you will agree with this; specially after Valentine's Day..

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The story behind birth of a Legend

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Time: First week of February of 1986
Venue: Bramhakamal (The residence of Lord Bramha and his wife Saraswati)
Bramha is in a serious mood, thinking deeply about something.

Saraswati: what are you thinking about?
Bramha: Valentine day is approaching. I need to create something beautiful".
Saraswati: But you have already created many things. Beautiful forests, unbounded sky, splendid water reservoirs, handsome boys and beautiful girls. You have already put up all the beauty in this world. What more you want to create?

Bramha : I want to create someone who will appreciate all these things. He should have a passion to fly in the unbounded sky I've created. He should enjoy the swim in the splendid water resources I've created. And he should enjoy every single beauty of the beautiful forests I've created. He should also be appreciator of the beautiful girls I've created.
And that's not all. He will be having a skill of minute observation of everything around him. He will be absorb all bad things and spread out only good things to people around him. He will be a great leader and even greater learner of all things. And most of all, as I'm creating this model on Valentine day, it should be lovable by all.

Saraswati: But what exactly are you going to create?

Bramha: Just wait and watch.

And after around a week, on 14th Feb, 1986; a child was born in Baitul, in the beautiful hills of Satpudas. His mom named him Alok. He is one of my closest friend and one of the most lovable personalities I've ever come across..

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First Aid for Snake Bite

Friday, February 02, 2007

First Aid Immediately Following A Snake Bite:

1. Try to safely and quickly identify the species of snake if practical. Move victim to safety. Have one person take firm command of the situation very early to improve the coordination and decision making processes. The victim's condition is assisted with an observation that calm and competent assistance is being firmly applied. There will be no time for shy or timid behavior! Action will be crucial! Proceed with no delay to use judgment calls on all of the below suggested techniques.

2. Remove any jewelry or tight fitting clothing. Quickly tie a light restricting band both above and below the bite area a few inches away from the puncture/bite marks.

3. Without cutting, apply strong suction, preferably within seconds of the bite directly on the main or deepest puncture/bite marks. This can be accomplished with the mouth or a commercial bite kit suction device. Time is critical here as any venom present will become destructive very quickly!

4. Rapidly apply antiseptic cleanser to the entire area and place cold compress as closely as possible without interfering with suction process.

5. Continue strong suction and alternate the location of compress to avoid injury from severe cold.

6. Check constriction bands periodically as swelling may occur and loosen as appropriate.

7. Monitor for symptoms of shock and be prepared to administer appropriate treatment. At any signs of major stress or unusual/unexplained discomfort, check for need to apply other first aid techniques - elevate bitten extremity, elevate legs from lying down position, keep warm, immobilize, etc. Do not administer alcohol or cause additional stress to victim. Avoid food or liquid intake.

8. Keep victim warm and immobilize as practical. Movement to proper treatment facility is more crucial than maintaining immobile status. Maintain above treatment functions throughout.

9. Transport safely at the earliest possible time to competent medical service. Ideally, all of the above steps can be administered concurrently with transport phase. Keep victim as comfortable as possible and reassure that survival is not in question. Rapid response reduces damage levels.

10. If possible and voluntarily chosen, administer electroshock to bite area in several one second bursts in a small circle around bite. Repeat this at 10-15 minute intervals getting slightly farther from bite area seeking to follow course of venom flow. Take care to utilize DC current at proper levels and prepare in advance to administer this technique.

11. If practical, dispatch snake (don’t kill) and take along for any identification or testing needs. The primary purpose of this first aid is to slow down or reduce the invasion of the venom, to protect the victim from further side effect trauma, to prepare the victim for later medical procedures such that complications may be minimized, and generally to get the victim to such treatment as quickly and safely as practical.

12. Stand by for back up assistance or side task assignments like contacting relatives, protecting scene materials, providing useful information of incident facts, describe first aid administered, etc.

13. Be confident that all which could have been done was applied to assure as successful an outcome as possible given that a venomous bite is difficult to control or establish a completely accurate prognosis. Remember, early treatment is better treatment when such a bite occurs!

Features of poisonous & non-poisonous snakes

Non Poisonous Snakes
Head - Rounded
Fangs - Not present
Pupils - Rounded
Anal Plate - Double row of plates
Bite Mark - Row of small teeth.

Poisonous Snakes
Head - Triangle - except Cobra
Fangs - Present
Pupils - Elliptical pupil
Anal Plate - Single row of plates
Bite Mark - Fang Mark

Symptoms due to Snake bite

Cobra or Krait
Snakes found in Sahyadris: Common Krait (Manyar), Slender Coral Snake (Powala), Striped Coral Snake (Patteri Powala), Spectacled Kobra (Naag), King Kobra (Naagraj)
Mild Local symptoms -- burning, redness, swelling, superficial necrosis.
Marked Neurotoxic effects.
Earliest symptom - Ptosis - inability to keep Eyes open.
Giddiness, Lethargy, Muscle weakness.
Spreading Paralysis - causing difficulty in speaking and breathing, Salivation, Vomiting. Frothing around mouth.

Viper –
Snakes found in Sahyadris: Russel’s Viper (Ghonas), Saw Scaled Viper (Phurse), Bamboo Pit Viper (Chapda), Malbari Pit Viper (Malbari Chapda)
Haemotoxic venom is very painful
Severe Local symptoms -- Intense Pain, Inflammation, Ozing of haemolytic blood.
Marked Vasculotoxic effects.
Bleeding from mucous membrane of the Mouth, Anus, Nose and haemorrhages under the skin.
Because of local damage to circulatory cells, hemotoxic venom spreads more slowly and has a slower action than the neurotoxins.
Vascular Collapse - Cold Skin, Rapid feeble Pulse, Dilated Pupils insensitive to light, Gradual loss of consciousness.

Marks of A Snake Bite:

You can notice the visible difference in snake marks of poisonous and non-poisonous snake. Many times, the marks are not clearly visible through normal eyes. So it’s always preferable to use a magnifying glass to see the marks.
Many times, the marks are wrongly interpreted through naked eyes. So use a magnifying class even when the marks are visible through eyes, so as to avoid misinterpretation.

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