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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hello friends
My blog will turn 1 on 15th October. On this occasion, I've a special announcement to do.
There is a special gift for the person who has maximum comments in my blog. Well, you can still win. All you have to do is visit my previous posts (You have full 1 year's posts to read) and put your opinion about the blog :-) TYes. Its that simple..

What I will get through this? Well,I will come to know what people think about my posts and I will be able to decide direction of my posts in the future..

* The comments upto 14th October will be considered for the contest.
* Multiple comments in the same topic will be considered as single.
* Only in case of tie, Multiple comments in the same topic will be considered.

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Eye Donation

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hello friends.. Our organisation PATH (People for Any Time Help) is currently working for promotion of eye donation in the society.

Have you ever thought what happens to your body after you die? Its either burned or burried according to the religion you are part of.. But at last, your body is of no use to you or anyone else.. Well, you can change it.


In India , thee are approximately 120 lakh blind in both eyes and 80 lakh blind in one eye , which is about one fourth of the total blind population of the world . This means 14.9 out of every 1000 people in India are blind compared to just 3 per 1000 in the developed countries. Blindness in most cases is avoidable that is, either preventable or curable. Of the 120 lakh blind, approximately 103 lakh are curable by relatively simple operations, unfortunately yet they remain uncured.

About 96 lakh persons suffer from cataract which can be cured by a simple operation. Seven lakh of Indias population suffering from corneal blindness, mostly children in their early childhood, can be cured by corneal transplantation.


There is a severe lack of donor eyes in India and only 4.500 operations are being performed every year, while 30,000 new victims are added each year to the long list of 7 lakh patients already waiting to be cured. Although there are enough qualified surgeons and plenty of potential patients, corneal transplantation cannot be carried out due to lack of donor corneas. Eye donation means people pledging to donate their eyes after death to be used for corneal grafting for restoring sight to corneal blind people. In India there are more than 80 lakh deaths every year but sadly the corneal donations do not exceed a few thousand.

The reason for very low number of eye donations are manifold

1) Lack of awareness in general public
2) Improper development of infrastructure
3) Absence of motivation even among the trained personnel or
4) Social and religious taboos


Almost any one of any age can pledge to donate his / her eyes after death.
It does not matter even if you

Wear glasses
Are hypertensive
Are diabetic, or
Have undergone any eye surgery

The ultimate decision about usage for transplantation is made after evaluation by a specialist. The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous. However, the family of the donor should be satisfied that the eyes have been used for noble cause of giving vision to the blind. What could be a greater donation than donating the eyesight, enabling two blinds to see the vividity of the world !


The eyes have to be removed within six to eight hours to death; therefore the nearest eye bank or eye collection centre must be informed of the death immediately.

The donor needs not to be taken to the eye bank the eye bank team will come to take the eyes wherever the donor is, at no cost.

Removed of eyes is a simple procedure and it does not take a long time. It causes no scar or disfigurement of the face.

On reaching the eye bank eyes are evaluated processed and used for a corneal transplant surgery.

The donated eyes who are on transplantation on the patients eyes who are on the waiting list in accordance with the priority based on the guidelines.


What is cornea?
Cornea is the glass like covering over the pupil of the eye.

Why does the cornea get damaged?
The cornea usually gets damaged because of infections or injuries of the eye or poor nutrition especially in childhood.

How can the eyesight in these patients be restored?
Persons who have lost their sight because of damage to the cornea can hope to regain it with corneal grafting.

Who can be an eye donor?
Any ones age sex is not important, and it does not matter if you wear glasses or have undergone a cataract operation or any other eye surgery. All that is needed is a clear and healthy cornea.

Are any costs involved in eye donation?
No fees are charged from the family. The Eye Collection Center will rush a doctor to the donors home. This is a free service in the public interest.

Can I choose who will receive the corneas from my eyes?
You may make a request to that effect to the eye bank. But the corneas are usually transplanted into the next two patients on the waiting list to avoid any unfair practice.

Can my family meet the person who receives the corneas from my eyes?
No. the recipient will always remian anonymous. But the family should take pride in knowing the fact that the donors eyes have been used to restore vision to two blind person.

Can the eyes be removed at home?
The eyes can be removed at home or any other place where the body is kept after death.

Does the recipient have to pay for the eye that is used for grafting?
Services by the government and voluntary sector are provided free of charge. Donated eyes are never bought or sold.

What are the normal and religious views on eye donation?
Religious leaders throughout the world have voiced their support for eye donation as an expression for the highest humanitarian ideals.

Indian Governemt honoured the service by forming this stamp marked the 100 years of service to the blind in 1987.
The stamp shows a blind boy, a Braille book and a computer. The cover
features Eye Donation Campaign.

So, please come on.. Join your hands for the great service to mankind.. Donate your eyes..

For more information and eye donation pledge forms, contact Dinesh @ 9890897198 or Dhiraj @ 9890793853 or mail us at punehelpers@gmail.com .

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