Ban on partying at Sinhagad

Monday, March 28, 2005

This was the news in yesterday's "Times of India"

PUNE: In a bid to restore sanctity and serenity of Sinhagad fort, the city’s favourite picnic spot, the forest department has decided to enforce a strict ban on smoking, drinking and meat-consumption there from March 27.

The department has organised a unique exhibition a lecture series at the to flag off the ban. "The beautiful and historic surroundings of Sinhagad fort increasingly witnessing drunken, unruly behaviour misguided youths. As a result, the number of family visitors is dwindling. Sinhagad is also the place of Tanaji’s martyrdom. Its sanctity and environment have to be preserved at all costs," said B.M. Thube, range forest officer.

Thube noticed the unwelcome trend over the last two years and proposed the ban. Higher authorities cleared and eventually the state government issued an order enforce the ban, Thube told TNN.

"Even venturing into forest land around the fort is illegal. The law is so strict, you cannot take a matchbox into the forest area for the fear of starting a fire. We have hitherto taken a lenient view but no more.

Even the locals are upset with the visitors now, because of their obscene behaviour," said Thube.

"These couples in love, looking for seclusion, use the Sinhagad trek like an escape. Anti-social elements take advantage of this and attack them," pointed out Ravi Shankar, a development activist who has been working closely with the forest department.

The ban is being introduced to coincide with the World Forest Week celebrations. Considering the fort attracts maximum number visitors on Sunday, the department has organised an exhibition on rare herbs and plants of Sinhagad, with help from Kanchanganga Gandhe of the Modern college. Thube and activist Nana Balkawde will address the gathering on the occasion. Balasaheb Parge of the agricultural produce marketing committee will speak on the ill effects of smoking, drinking and meat-consumption. One of the food stall owners from the fort will also speak.

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Healing your heart

Came across this quote at Prasad's blog. Believe it or not, but he claims he found this in a medical journal..

"The descision of the first kiss is the most crucial one in any Love story,It changes the relationship between the two people forever.It is even more crucial than the final surrender, for "the first kiss" is itself a very big surrender..."

"When in doubt whether or not to kiss a pretty woman...Always go ahead and kiss...Give her the benefit of doubt..."

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Hi guys
Couldn't update blog for last three days..
On Friday, it was Holi and on next day ie Saturday, we celebrated Dhulivandan (The day when we play colours)....
We played colour for a long time upto 3 o'clock maybe..
After that, I saw three movies which i copied on my Hard disc from a friend's comp..
Well, its not that boring to watch continuous movies.
I saw "Hum Aapke Hai Kaun", "Musafir" and "Tere Naam"..
Well, HAHK was some relief to watch..
Was watching this block buster after 8 year, I guess..
Had watched it previously when it was released..

Finally, before taking your leave, Wish you all "HAPPY HOLI"

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Pachadlela- The wonderful Marathi movie

Friday, March 25, 2005

Recently watched a Marathi movie called "Pachadlela"

PACHADLELA is a horror-comedy revolving around three friends working in a bank who get posted to a small village. They stay in a wada which is haunted. According to the villagers, the spirits of four dead people haunt the wada. One is possessed. Directed by Mahesh Kothare, the actors’ performances has drawn crowds.

A still from movie

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visit to CIPLA

Look at the above logo..
It says all about an NGO in Pune, Cipla Cancer & Aids Foundations Palliative Care Centre, where we, members of MIT NCC TROOP go in rotation for social work in rotation, 2 per day..
Today, it was my turn to visit along with Cdt. Soni Singh..
It was a really great experience to work in this organisation..
It was my third time to visit this organisation..

Now something about Cipla Cancer & Aids Foundations Palliative Care Centre..

Cipla Cancer & Aids Foundation's Palliative Care Centre, the only one of its kind in Pune, has started operating on the 1st May 1997. The Centre is located at Warje, which is 12 km from the Pune Railway Station.

This center treats advanced stage (Terminally ill) cancer patients totally free of cost. The treatment is specifically oriented towards pain management and mind control. Two troop members work at CIPLA in rotation. The troop members help in various areas such as overall administration, drug store management, home visits for counseling, hospital visits, gardening, and cultural entertainment...

Map for the CIPLA

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jassi jaisi koi nahi” was the catchphrase used when the show was originally launched. Now that the ugly duckling has transformed herself into a swan – now what?

The ugliness of Jassi – we all knew – was just a couple of millimeters deep. The kind that a good haircut and a pair of contact lenses could easily repair. But that isn't true for everyone.

Some of us are less physically attractive than others. And today, more than ever, this is going to affect chances of success in life. Those who are labeled 'ugly' rarely have a high sense of self esteem. So, even though they may be intelligent, they are going to have to surmount huge odds.

They may not make it to jobs of their choice, or find a mate easily. Because whatever we may outwardly profess, we do tend to prefer people who are more pleasant to look at and fit in with our conventional ideas of 'beauty'.

Some days ago, ABC news did a hard hitting segment on its investigative 20 / 20 show to highlight the subtle but painful discrimination against average looking people. Using actors and hidden cameras, the show exposed 'lookism' in typical real life situations: on street, on the job, in school, and in court.

The message Jassi's transformation is giving less-than-perfect-looking people is quite unsubtle. Shape up or ship out. Since you are really ugly – unlike me, who only put on make up appear so – that might even means expensive plastic surgery. Society has no patience with non-khubsoorat people- and that is the plain and ugly truth..


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Some Marathi Surnames

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

1. One who only takes - LELE

2. One with bulb factory - DIVEKAR

3. Maharashtrian Bill Gates - BAL PHATAK

4. One with weight of 100 tonnes - SOMAN

5. Neil Armstrong - NEELESH BHUJBAL

6. One with K on his head - SHIRKE

7. Bakery owner - PAWGI/ BUNKAR

8. Narasimha Avtar - POTPHODE

9. One with stomach problem - POTDUKHE

10. One who lives in village - GAONKAR

11. One who only take money - DAMLE

12. One who is brave - WAGH/VEERKAR

13. One who is untidy - GABALE

14. Cotton mill owner - KAPSE/RUIKAR

15. One who eats more - DHOLE/DHAMDHERE

17. One who works very cool - KULKARNI

18. Building constructor - MAHALE

19.Silver mine owner - CHANDEKAR

20. One who reaches the root - MULEY

21. One who is real cat - MANJREKAR

22. One who is 1000 times more intellegent - SAHASRABUDHHE

23. One who divides by 2 - NIMKAR

24. One who kills - MARANE

25. Do die do - KARMARKAR

26. One who twists - PILGAONKAR

27. The God - DEV

28. Big old Rishi - MAHAMUNI

29. One who always wins - JAYKAR

30. One who talks a lot - MAHASHABDE

31. One who doesn't talk - GOOPCHOOP

32. One who builds temples - DEVALEKAR

33. One who runs away - BHAGWAT

34. One who blackens everything - KAJALE

35. One who always says 'take away' - NENE

36. One who is father - BAPAT

37. One with tailoring shop - SHIWDE

38. Jeweller - RATNAPARAKHI

39. One who always go to varanasi - KASHIKAR

40. One who is very sweat - GODSE

41. Its okay - BARWE

42. Mango man - AAMBEKAR

43. One who thinks - VICHAARE

44. One who is close to everyone - JAWALKAR

45. One who is wise - SHAHANE

46. Colourful maharashtrians - KALE - GORE - HIRWE - KALBHOR - PIWALE

47. Some Metallic Maharashtrians - PITALE - TAMBE /TAMBAT- LOKHANDE SONE

48. One who reminds himself - ATHWALE

49. One who is joyful - HARSHE

50. Marathi version of Dr.Dang (Karma fame) - DANGE

51. Pre-application of IODEX - AHALEY (read in Hindi Ah' a ley)

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Monday, March 14, 2005

If you can see this picture, consider yourself fortunate. For the sake of the ones who can't, please see BLACK. It touched my heart, deep down.

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Dinesh's Laws

Saturday, March 12, 2005

1. Dinesh's First Law:
To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.

2. Dinesh's Second Law:
Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

3. Dinesh's Third Law:
Technology is dominated by those who manage what they do not understand.

4. Dinesh's Fourth Law:
If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, then one woodpecker could destroy all of civilization.

5. Dinesh's Fifth Law:
An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

6. Dinesh's Sixth Law:
Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe, and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it, and he'll have to touch to be sure.

7. Dinesh's Seventh Law:
All great discoveries are made by mistake.

8. Dinesh's Eight Law:
Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.

9. Dinesh's Ninth Law:
A meeting is an event at which minutes are kept and hours are lost.

10. Dinesh's Tenth Law:
The first myth of management is that it exists.

11. Dinesh's Eleventh Law:
A fatal error will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.

12. Dinesh's Twelfth Law:
New systems generate new problems.

13. Dinesh's Final Law:
All's well that ends.

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New google ad

Friday, March 11, 2005

Saw this image on Ritesh's blog.
It's really great.....

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New DCH lyrics

Sunday, March 06, 2005

New DCH:
Here Are Some New and Improved Dil Chahta Hai Lyrics
Enjoy Them.

Kabhi Naa Aayen KT ke Din,
Pass Ho Jaye Hum ,
Copying ke Bin

Din Din Bhar Ho ,
Lectures Ki Baatein,
Assignments Mein Beete ,
Saari Raate,

Busy Ho Kar Bhool Jaye Yeh Jahan,
IT Revive Ho Jaye Aur Aane Lage Ladkiyan .......

Aisa Ajab Ye Course Hai,
Dekho Toh Har Koi KT Se Suffer Hai,
Humko Jaana Kidhar Hai? US? Bngalore? Ya Ulhasnagar?
OH Oh oh ooooooo ......

Jise Dhoondta Hu Main , Har Ghadi,
Jo Kabhi Mujhe Hai Nahi Mile,
Jispe Kar Sakoon Main Yakein,

Jise Meri Attendance Ka Dhyan Ho,
Questions Papers Ka Bhi Gyaan Ho,
PRINCI Se Bhi Pehchaan Ho,

3)DIL CHAHTA HAI (Reprise)
Sar Khaata Hai,
Principal Apna Poore Hi Din,
Sar Khaata Hai,
Bhashan Deta Hai Kaaran Ke Bin,

Din Din Bhar Woh Maarta Hai Round,
Kabhi LCR , Kabhi College Ground,
Hum Chuppe Woh Milta Hai Vahan,
Na Jaane Bhatakta Woh Mil Jaaye Kahan.....
Sar Khaata Hai

JAANE KYON Log Attend Karte Hain... JAANE KYON,
Lectures Attend Karne Mein Rakha Kya Hai,
Class Mein Jo Baithe Woh Tanha Hai,
Baaju Mein Jaane Ko Canteen Hai
TP Karne Ke Liye Library Aur Gym Hai.
Log Chupp Chupp Ke Proxy Dete Hain,
JAANE KYON Aap He Yu Darte Hain,
JAANE KYON .......

KOI KAHE , Kahta Rahe Professors Ka Kaam Hai Pakana,
Princi Ke Saamne , Kabhi Nahi Ban Ne Ka Shaana,
Jab Class Hai Time Pass Hai,
Phir Kis Liye Karna Assignment,
College Mein Baithana To Hai Ek Punishment,
Bill Gates College - Nahin Gaya Hai
Dhiru Bhai Bhi - Nahin Gaya Hai
Tum Bhi Kabhi Mat Jao

Prof Bhadke - Bhadkane Do,
Black List Nikle - Nikal ne Do
Na Ghabrao Students Naya

Source: Kedar Bhave's Forwards

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recently I had been to Vasota alias Vyghragad on 26,27,28 Feb. This trek was organized by MIT NCC TROOP mostly for enjoyment purpose, unlike my last trek of Harishchandragad which was for clean-up purpose. Still, I continued my clean-up process on this fort also.

However, this fort didn't offer me anything to clean except some garbage thrown by my own fellow mates. The lamp which gives light to the world can't brighten the area exactly below it. Same was the thing here. The point to discuss is, before telling the world to keep the historical places clean, we have to teach it to our own friends. And worst thing these friends of mine gave me WTF look when I asked them to keep the place clean. If the so called trekkers and literate people will behave this way, should we expect any better from the illiterate ones?
This was a 3 days, 2 nights trek. Our night stay was at Bamnoli village. Various cultural events were carried out in the beautiful surroundings of Koyna backwaters. However, care was taken that the enjoyment doesn't disturb the local people.

Situated on the western edge of Satara district, this old warrior offers one of the most thrilling trek in the Sahyadri as far as trekking through forestation is concerned. Dense forest all the way through, panoramic view of the Shivsagar lake in the east and Konkan on the west, wonderful cave at Nageshwar for a stay, makes this a fort of special interest for amateur trekkers.
Though not too much of remnants are present on Vasota, the view of Koyna backwaters on one side and Kokan on the other side is quite satisfying. The Mahadev temple at the top can also be used as shelter for a small group of 5-6 people. One can also check out the Babu Kada and old Vasota.
Dense forest is really a thrilling but enjoyable experience. Take care of being in a group all the time! Anyhow try to reach Vasota in a day time. If one wishes to have a stay at Nageshwar (which is most preferred), then leave Vasota by 3 pm. max, because the forest on the way to Nageshwar is still denser. Way to Nageshwar goes to the right, just about 10-15 min before the top of Vasota. Water cistern at Nageshwar is situated to the right (on about 5 min distance), just before the steps to the cave.

These days, forest department doesn't allow to have night halt on the Vasota side or Met Indavali village. So, Bamnoli is ideal spot for night stay. An amount of 20/- is charged for entering the forests of Vasota. Also, 75/- for each launch is charged by the forest department.

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Don't love Software girl

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Never love a DATABASE girl since she always wants her husband to be a UNIQUE key,

Never love a C girl because she always have a tendency to BREAK the things and EXIT from house,

Never love a C++ girl as u may encounter some problems in NHERITANCE,

Never love a JAVA girl since she always throws EXCEPTIONS,

Never Love a VB girl since she has divorce FORM with her always.

Never love a ASP girl,she Always Satisfies People.

Never love a UNIX girl,she always dump u with a core,

Never love a PASCAL girlshe always scolds u as rascal,

Never love a COBOL girl since she may be very good in DIVISION of families.

Never love a NETWORK girl since she may be very good in shooting troubles.

Better love a girl not belongs to SOFTWARE FAMILY.....

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Bush the Hero

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bush becomes a HERO, he then has a postage stamp issued with his picture on it. He also makes sure it is the best quality stamp ever made.

The stamps are designed, printed, and released. Bush is very pleased.

Within a few days, there are complaints that the stamp does not stick, and Bush is
infuriated when he hears of this.

He calls in his team of experts to investigate the matter.

The team conducts a detailed study of the matter and produces a report.

The report concludes, "There is no problem with the quality of the stamp, the problem is that people are spitting on the wrong side."

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